Cards that say we’re thinking of you

2 December 2020

Resident with card

Residents living in our St Catherine's nursing home have each received a special handwritten card from staff working in our charity's head office.

The ‘thinking of you' cards have been sent to let our residents know that, despite being unable to visit in person, our staff still have each and every one of them in their thoughts and prayers and are looking forward to the day they can visit in person once more.

Our St Catherine's nursing home is located on the lower floor of St Cuthbert's House and, before lockdown, our staff would often pop in to share a cuppa and a chat or enjoy a walk in the gardens and regularly invited residents to join them in their offices for a special Friday afternoon tea treat.

The cheerful cards from their friends and neighbours upstairs were warmly welcomed, bringing lots of smiles as the envelopes were opened.

“The card was such a lovely surprise,” said Moira, pictured. “It really made my day.”

Song of the Day returns for Christmas

1 December 2020

Festive song logo

Back by popular demand is our Song of the Day, which lifted so many spirits around our services all spring and summer.

From our children's services to our nursing homes, people thoroughly enjoyed picking their all-time favourite song to share with everyone across our charity.

And, with our new festive theme for our Song of the Day revival, people are already chatting and sharing stories about their Christmas favourites.

To get the ball rolling, our Chief Executive, Moira, has chosen one of the best-loved Christmas songs of all time: White Christmas by Bing Crosby.

We hope you enjoy reading about our festive selection as it grows.

Remembering our special little visitor

27 November 2020

wag and company

A little throwback to when St Catherine's Nursing Home had a furry VIP visitor, Laika the Labrador.

Our residents were ecstatic when Wag and Company came to visit for some animal therapy.

Laika made herself right at home and certainly brought a smile to everyone's face, she was spoilt rotten with cuddles and treats … we don't know who had more fun!

When it is safe to do so, we would love to have more visits.

Alternative pub quiz is a big hit

24 November 2020

Our residents enjoying their alternative quiz

Pub quizzes may be on hold for the time being, but residents living in our St Catherine's nursing home in Newcastle have enjoyed the next best thing.

From the comfort of their cosy lounge, our residents had a brilliant afternoon taking a little general knowledge quiz while enjoying a glass of their favourite tipple with a few tasty nibbles.

Each question became a talking point in its own right, with discussions ranging from historical moments to favourite foods.

There was no calling ‘time' and everyone spent as long as they wanted chatting about their memories and swapping views.

What a great way to spend a sociable afternoon.

Putting on the style

23 November 2020

Bridget enjoying her hair styling

Our multi-talented staff at our Holy Cross nursing home in Sunderland are happily turning their hand to hair styling to keep our residents looking their best.

With lockdown preventing visits from their usual professional hairdresser, our Duty Manager, Sam, can easily fix a bad hair day in no time at all.

Resident, Bridget loves nothing more than feeling pampered with a new hairstyle and Sam is always right on point with her ‘style of the day'.

“Whenever I get the chance, I'll ask for one of Sam's special ‘do's',” said Bridget.

And this gorgeous braid is just one of the styles Bridget loves to wear.

Spring colour provides feast for wildlife, too

19 November 2020

Our gardener Keith planting bulbs and some of the plants we might see in spring

Although the days are short and the temperatures are dropping, we're already planning stunning spring displays that are nature-friendly, too.

All around our services, spring flowering bulbs are being planted – including over 3,000 assorted bee, bird and butterfly-friendly bulbs at our head office grounds which we also share with our St Catherine's nursing home and the Hexham and Newcastle Catholic Diocesan offices.

The spring bulb mixture is set to be full of colourful surprises to provide a feast for the eyes, while a wildflower seed mix, sewn in our dedicated wildlife patches, will provide a feast for birds and insects.

It's going to be blooming great!

Pampering in style

13 November 2020

pampering sessions

Like many of us, our residents at St Catherine's Nursing Home, are missing their weekly trip to the salon, but in true, your wish is our command style, our marketing team have come to the rescue.

Although they know nothing about perms and we thought it best to hide the scissors, the “Me Time” sessions have proven a hit with all our residents. Who wouldn't love a wash and blow-dry followed by a soothing lavender hand massage!

Best of all there is lots of chat, laughter and even the odd glass of wine.

Heartfelt displays to commemorate Remembrance Day

11 November 2020

rememberance day display

Residents across St Cuthbert's Care have been creating beautiful displays to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Each display has been hand-made with so much love and thought. From painted poppies, that drape beautifully in St Catherine's Nursing Home's chapel, to stunning silhouette artwork that is displayed at The Alan Shearer Centre's window.

“Our residents are so proud of the artwork they have created for such an important occasion. ” Said Activities Coordinator, Heather, from the Alan Shearer Centre.

Strawberry smoothie tops the taste test

6 November 2020

Resident Ruth with our top smoothies

Our residents at our Holy Cross nursing home in Sunderland have found a winning way to enjoy their five a day.

Freshly made fruit smoothies that not only do you good but look terrific are available on their menu every day; and, to make sure they are the best they can be, our residents put them to the taste test.

The overwhelming winner was the deliciously tempting Strawberry Cheesecake smoothie, but other popular picks were Cookie Surprise, Peach Melba and Summer Fruit

With a total of 14 different smoothies to choose from, there's always room to ring the changes, too.

An explosion of colour on Guy Fawkes night

5 November 2020

Fireworks paintings and Holy Cross Guy

Firework celebrations around our services don't need to go with a bang to be a success.

Our service users have happily created a dazzling display of colourful crafts and paintings to mark Guy Fawkes night and, for those who like a little more sparkle, there'll be a few virtual displays sown on TV, too.

People passing by our Holy Cross nursing home in Sunderland might even catch a glimpse of a handsome ‘Guy' sitting outside, which has been lovingly made by our residents.

Just add some hot chocolate or a warming tipple and lots of bonfire treats and we think our Guy Fawkes celebrations are pretty much complete.