Elvis back on tour just for us

18 September 2020

Residents and tenants with Elvis tribute act

Two of our services were rocking and rolling to some of the biggest hits in the world when they were lucky to be included in the latest ‘Elvis' tour.

Our St Catherine's Nursing Home residents and our tenants at Sherringham House independent living apartments in Kenton had a ball when Elvis tribute act, James Fox, visited with his repertoire of hits by The King.

The open air performances couldn't have been better, with everyone singing along in the sunshine and hits such as Blue Suede Shoes and Can't Help Falling in Love taking everyone back in time.

The visits were such a hit that more of our services are set to be included in a second leg of the tour!

Back to school for our residents

10 September 2020

Eveline reminiscing with Zaeley

As youngsters head back to school, residents in our St Catherine's nursing home in Newcastle took a trip back to the classroom, too.

With a simple game of ‘What's in your school bag', our residents travelled no further than their spacious lounge to compile a fun list of all the things they remember having to carry to school.

Running through the alphabet, the A-Z of school items remembered from the times they were children and then parents raised quite a few fond smiles for our time travelling residents.

Eveline, for example, enjoyed sharing the enthusiasm of her musical young son.

“Of all the instruments my son could choose at the age of six, he had to choose the cello. It was bigger than him!”

It was agreed that students carried much heavier bags in those days, too, with text books, cookery ingredients and games equipment sometimes being needed all on the same day.

“It kept us hale and hearty,” said Eveline.

Meet our dementia lead

8 September 2020

Ruth CromartyDementia Lead

Hi, I'm Dr Ruth Cromarty and I'm delighted to have been appointed as the charity's Dementia Lead for St Cuthbert's Care.

I've pulled together our first ever charity-wide Dementia Strategy and I'm now focusing upon its implementation. My strategy includes a bespoke online training programme suitable for all of our staff teams and I'm currently overseeing this delivery. Pandemic permitting, I hope to expand this offering to families and friends in due course.

Having a PhD in dementia and experience of working as a research associate, I've worked with many people with dementia and their families and I'm in tune with the latest dementia research. If you'd like to journey with me as our charity transforms its dementia offering, you can follow my articles on our website, Facebook or LinkedIn

Let’s talk about dementia

3 September 2020

Dementia Friends logo

This month is World Alzheimer's Month and the theme of this year's campaign is ‘Let's talk about dementia' – so that's exactly what we are going to do.

We are a Dementia Friends organisation and, throughout the month, we'll be sharing information to raise awareness of dementia, the challenges people living with dementia face and the work we are doing to ensure our residents enjoy the best lives possible.

You'll find regular updates on our website and our St Cuthbert's Care Facebook page.

Green fingered chums

24 August 2020


We all know the importance of fresh air and exercise, none more than, Jean and Nancy, who live at St Catherine's, our nursing home in Newcastle.

Their love of being outdoors brought the ladies together, and they have been inseparable since they moved in, a little over a year ago.

Over the last few weeks, they have been making the most of their time in the garden, planting, weeding and caring for our new herb box; fully supported by our activity co-ordinator, Zaeley.

“Gardening can be a fantastic, rewarding activity for everyone, with numerous health benefits.” Said Zaeley, “I try to encourage all of our residents to spend some time outside; exposure to sunlight helps the body generate vitamin D, which is important for strong bones and helps reduce the risk of depression”

After all of their hard work, Jean and Nancy enjoy sharing a cup of tea as they sit back to admire their handy work.

Putting on the style

4 August 2020

Loraine and Eveline enjoying their coffee morning

When our St Catherine's nursing home residents get together for their regular coffee mornings, there's no stinting on style.

Out comes the best china, tables are decorated with flowers, and a simple coffee morning becomes a special occasion.

“When our residents lived in their own homes, many of them would entertain family and friends in this way,” said our home's activities' co-ordinator, Zaeley. “Making a bit of a fuss and getting out the best china is familiar and something they still love to do. It's definitely a tradition all the staff love to see, too.”

And, keeping to tradition, discussions have even been known to centre around whether pouring milk first or tea first produces the best cuppa.

Charlie joins our team

24 July 2020

Our designer Sarah and Charlie

When our CEO told us that she had a friend who needed to re-home their seven-year-old miniature Maltese terrier, Charlie, it seemed like an ideal solution to welcome her into our charity.

We had been considering a dog for our St Catherine's nursing home in Newcastle and it also gave us an opportunity for Charlie to become our charity's first ever resident dog. Our charity has always welcomed dogs and other pets. Animal therapy has been a regular part of our care throughout our charity for many years and some of our residents at St Catherine's had recently enquired if they could have a dog to live at their home.

Charlie is a tiny, cute, gentle dog and she likes the quiet life – ideally sleeping away her days on someone's warm lap. She only likes short walks too, making her a perfect match for our home and residents.

“We're taking very small and responsible steps to introduce Charlie to her new home,” said Gill, Registered Manager. “We've started off by introducing Charlie to our dog-loving head office team above St Catherine's. Designated staff are taking her home for evenings and weekends and she'll come to us during the working week where she'll be showered with cuddles and tickles. She's making short visits to the home until she becomes more confident with its surroundings. Our residents adore her and are looking forward to Charlie joining them soon; we can see Charlie building in confidence every day.

And, with our nursing home already having achieved ‘Outstanding in Care' from the Care Quality Commission, we think Charlie will be in excellent hands.